Scuba Diving in Zanzibar

Itinerary Summary

Item Detail
Minimum price $75 per person... more prices
Requirement Valid diving certificate
Schedule 06:30 to 14:00 (fixed time)
Starting point Nungwi, North
Ending point Nungwi, North
Key activities Sightseeing, scuba diving
Diving in Zanzibar experience

The Zanzibar scuba experience offers a chance to dive in the best corals in East Africa, that's a fact! Diving in Zanzibar is renowned for its stunning beaches and unspoiled village life in areas like Paje and Kendwa. All our scuba dives are with PADI, thus, quality is always guaranteed.

The Secret Coast of Scuba Diving in Zanzibar

The stretch reaching from Kizimkazi through Jambiani, Paje, Bwejuu, Dongwe to Michamvi, is often referred to as the secret coast of Zanzibar diving, where the real identity of the island is still preserved and untouched from mass tourism. The stretch extends to the north coast of Nungwi.

Diving in Zanzibar: the big wall The Big Wall dive site.

Our Top Dive Destination

With Mnemba Island being the best underwater experience we couldn't pass on the chance to showcase to our clients what this amazing island holds under it. Below are the sites with their depth mentioned in meter:

Mnemba Island

Site Depth (m)
West Garden 12
Aquarium 20
Wattabomi 24
Kichwani 40
The Big Wall 50
Zanzibar Diving Mnemba Island aerial view.

Average Sea Temperatures in Zanzibar

Scale Temperature (°C)
Month Min Max
January 27.5 29.8
February 27.7 29.6
March 28.4 30.2
April 🥵 27.6 30.8
May 27.5 29.2
June 25.8 28.1
July 25.3 26.8
August 🥶 24.7 26.5
September 25.0 26.8
October 25.2 28.1
November 26.4 29.5
December 27.1 30.2

Prices for Diving in Zanzibar

Dives 1 Dive 2 Dives 4 Dives
Diver $80 $120 $220
Group from 5 $75 $115 $210
Price Inclusions
Entry: Menai Bay conservation
Boat, skipper, crew
Oxygen tank
Wetsuit, mask, flippers
Fresh fruits snacks

Pick-up and drop off would be calculated for you separately depending on your location.

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