Game Fishing in Zanzibar

Itinerary Summary

Item Detail
Minimum price $250 per trip... more prices
Schedule (half day) 06:30 to 11:30 (fixed time)
Schedule (half day) - budget 06:30 to 09:30 (fixed time)
Schedule (full day) 06:30 to 14:30 (fixed time)
Departure point Nungwi, North
Matemwe - Northbound (budget)
Kizimkazi - Southbound (budget)
Key activities Fishing
Game Fishing in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is fortunate in having superb fishing almost all the year. Fishing in Zanzibar is synonymous as some of the most exhilarating and challenging deep-sea fishing is available. It gets more interesting when the North East monsoon blows, the billfish arrive in great numbers.

The Fishing Boats

We considered our clients fishing needs and therefore we have finally included different boat sizes for different fishing needs and budget. Scroll down for the prices of each fishing trip on each boat.

The Suli Suli The Ocean Spirit The Baloo
Suli Suli fishing boat Ocean Spirit boat Baloo fishing boat

Catch it and Cooking it!

You can always cook your catch, though not on the boat for safety reasons. We do work with nearby restaurants to help us make that happen. Enjot your fresh, juicy and tasty catch. Bon appetit!

Baked dorado

What is the Best Season for Game Fishing in Zanzibar?

Most common fish available in Zanzibar:

The Striped Marlin

Available from November to March

Game Fishing in Zanzibar - A Striped Marlin

Bio: It is the most prolific of the Marlin and they seasonally migrate through the natural corridor between Zanzibar and the mainland. This fish is well-known for its fighting ability and is renowned for its speed and acrobatic displays. It has a reputation for spending more time in the air than in the water just after it is hooked.

The Black Marlin

Available from August to October

Game Fishing in Zanzibar - Black Marlin

Bio: A highly rated game fishing in Zanzibar, the Black Marlin has the power, size and persistence of which anglers dream! The Black Marlin in Zanzibar and East African waters are generally larger than the other Marlin and have short, heavy bodies with the fins virtually locked in position.

The Blue Marlin

Available from August to October

Game Fishing in Zanzibar - Blue Marlin

Bio: The Blue Marlin is the largest of the Marlin family. It is a more streamlined version of the Black Marlin. It has a long slender bill extending up to a virtual point on the top of the head where the dorsal fin slants, resulting in a huge speed take off compared to other Marlin.

The Shortbill Spearfish

Available from August to October

Game Fishing in Zanzibar - Shortbill Spearfish

Bio: This elusive game fish does exist in the waters of Zanzibar on the Pemba Channel, but is infrequently encountered and rarely seen and caught. This fish is a highly migratory deep-water species feeding at or near the surface on medium-sized fish, including Dorado, Flying Fish and Pilot Fish, Squid and Crustaceans. They appear to be available all year in small numbers. The methods are the same as for other billfish.

The Sailfish

Available All year

Fishing Zanzibar - Sailfish

Bio: The Sailfish is one of the most strikingly colourful game fish of all - its outstanding feature is the long, high first dorsal which is slate or cobalt blue with a scattering of black spots. Its body is dark blue and silver and lights up with white dots and lines of electric blue.

The Broadbill

Available All year

Zanzibar Fishing - Broadbill

Bio: Broadbill is known as the 'Gladiator of the Sea' due to its reputation of being the toughest of all the billfish with a violent mood, and is considered by many to be the toughest of all billfish to catch.

The Tuna

Available All year

Zanzibar Fishing - Tuna Fish

Bio: From August we start to see large numbers of migrating Yellowfin Tuna fish, which are, pound for pound, one of the strongest fish that swim and can put up a challenging fight. These swift, sleek marauders of the worlds' oceans can be picked out from their close relatives by their bright yellow finlets and belly.

Lesser Game Fish

Available All year

Apart from the fish mentioned above fish like Wahoo, Barracuda, Giant Trevally, Dorado and Kingfish are among the most common fish caught in these waters.

Prices for Game Fishing in Zanzibar

Half Day Trips (5hrs)

Fishing boats Suli Suli (4) Ocean Spirit (5) Baloo (5)
Price $485 $635 $785
Price Inclusions
Boat, skipper, crew
Bait and tackle

Full Day Trips (8hrs)

Fishing boats Suli Suli (4) Ocean Spirit (5) Baloo (5)
Prices $685 $885 $985
Price Inclusions
Boat, skipper, crew
Bait and tackle

Budget Trips (3hrs)

Fishing Route Northbound (4) Southbound (4)
Prices $300 $250
Price Inclusions
Boat, skipper, crew
Bait and tackle

Fishing Special Discount

🎁 7% discount on Baloo.
🎁 5% discount on Ocean Spirit.

Transfers Special Discount

🎁 All transfers within the 2km radius from the fishing site are completely free of charge. This is applied immediately upon booking. No coupons or offer codes necessary.

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