Village Tour in Zanzibar

Itinerary Summary

Item Detail
Minimum price $30 per person... more prices
Schedule 09:00 to 16:00 (time flexible)
Starting point Jambiani, South
Termination point Jambiani, South
Key activities Sightseeing
Main attractions Jambiani village, Kuumbi cave
Memo --
village tour zanzibar Local fisherman with the catch of the day.

On this tour you will be able to see while walking through the village and capitalizing on the village life of the locals carrying on with their daily activities like grinding millets with mortar pestles, thatching coconut palms and preparation of bread for evening meal (guests are welcome to taste).

What the Trip Includes

Visit the Jambiani village

We move to see locals climbing coconut trees, and coconut products like madafu milk, baskets, rope, poles coconut palm caps. The fun part of the tour is actually having guests trying to climb a coconut free. You wouldn't want to leave Zanzibar without trying it would you?

village tour zanzibar Enjoying a dafu treat.

The Village Tour proceeds further to a field cassava plantation and bananas with their various products can be seen and tasted cassava weaving of baskets, floor mats, brooms, food covers etc.

Visit the Kuumbi cave (a.k.a. Cave of Creation)

It has been important in determining patterns of human occupation since its formation over 20,000 years ago. Unusual lithic and ceramic finds dated within the last 2,000 years make Kuumbi Cave a unique site. village tour zanzibar kuumbi Kuumbi cave.

Prices for Village Tour in Zanzibar

Categories Basic Premium Plus
Adult $35 $50 $60
Child (5-10) $30 $45 -
Baby - - -
Group from 5 $30 $45 $55
Single supplement $5 $5 $5
Price Inclusions
Tour guide (English)
Entry: Kuumbi cave
Transfer: village to Kuumbi cave
Bottle of water
Soft drinks -
Alcohol (adults only) - -
Lunch -

Pick-up and drop off would be calculated for you separately depending on your location.

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